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The Global Vending Micro Market Experience

Self-Serve Kiosks for Employee Meals

Micro markets are a collection of self-serve kiosks that provide fresh foods and beverages to eat at work and even groceries for employees to grab on their way home. An inexpensive alternative to the corporate cafeteria, micro markets have been around for nearly five years and are growing rapidly in popularity.

Global Vending now offers these kiosks as a response to today’s customer needs. We offer an expansive and unlimited variety of food in our menu consisting of fresh and healthy options. Unlike a vending machine, self-serve kiosks have more flexibility in packaging for products. This also provides customers the opportunity to touch and feel their food before purchasing it. These kiosks offer many benefits to your workplace and employees including:

  • A familiar self-checkout technological experience inviting people in

  • The ability to conveniently purchase multiple items within one transaction

  • Multiple payment options for financial flexibility

  • Custom designed and built millwork that will enhance your workplace

  • Open 24/7 so as not to neglect those working irregular hours

Our micro market kiosks also include the latest touch screen technology, easy user account set up process and a primary dedicated internet connection and back-up system.Contact Global Vending today if you’re interested in purchasing and installing a self-serve kiosk at your business in Moncton and the Maritimes.

Micro Market
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